Solid State Proximity Sensors

Powerful and Lightweight Solutions

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Our customized solid-state proximity sensors enable our customers to meet aircraft safety and regulatory requirements with systems and components optimized for cost, size, weight and reliability, thereby reducing errors and failures that could result in aircraft service interruption.

Unlike some competing solutions, the use of “simple” electronics increases reliability and allows our customers avoid complex hardware regulatory compliance at the system level.

Key Features Include:

  • Designed to meet RTCA D0-160 (including harsh EMC req.)
  • Up to two redundant electrical channels
  • Smallest footprint potential
  • Lowest mass potential
  • Not DO-254 restricted (‘simple’ electronics class)
  • High reliability
  • High accuracy
  • Sensing of various permeable target materials


  • Flight controls systems
  • Engine structure/nacelles
  • Doors
  • Cargo loading latch detection
  • Evacuation slide door-lock mechanism
  • Landing gear, wheels, and brakes
Solid State Proximity Sensors