Curtiss-Wright Sensors Division UK Collaborates with Moog UK on FETCH Project

Friday 10 November 2023

Curtiss-Wright teams with Moog UK to support the Future Engine Technology for the Control of Hydrogen Project 


CHRISTCHURCH, UK – November 10, 2023  Curtiss-Wright’s Sensors Division announced that it is 
collaborating with Moog Inc. on its Future Engine Technology for the Control of Hydrogen (FETCH) project. 
The project, led by Moog, will develop key technology for future liquid hydrogen gas turbine fuel systems 
and will receive funding support from the UK’s Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI). Continuing its long 
legacy of innovation, Curtiss-Wright’s role in the project involves the development of novel design solutions 
for extreme temperature aerospace position sensors to address the unique needs of a new class of 
hydrogen fueled aircraft engines. In addition to Moog and Curtiss-Wright, the project includes the 
University of Bath/IAAPS, Cranfield University, Baker Hughes Druck, and Carter Manufacturing. As part of 
Moog’s team, Curtiss-Wright will play a key part in the development and demonstration of a fuel control 
system for aircraft hydrogen gas turbines, together with non-fueldraulic electromechanical actuation systems 
for variable engine geometries. The project targets large commercial aircraft of the future. Activities, which 
began in September 2023, are scheduled to culminate in hydrogen fuel system testing in early 2026.


"As a long-standing supplier to Moog Aircraft in the UK, we are proud to team with them on the Future Engine 
Technology for the Control of Hydrogen program, working together to help lead the engine market towards a 
new generation of aircraft engines based on greener propulsion,” said Jeff Troutner, General Manager, of 
Curtiss-Wright’s Sensors Division. “The FETCH project provides an exciting opportunity to take our innovative
LVDT sensor technology to new limits and help tackle the challenges posed in delivering greener, sustainable 
aviation solutions for the future.”

The FETCH project is supported by the ATI Programme, a joint Government and industry investment to maintain 
and grow the UK’s competitive position in civil aerospace design and manufacture. The program, delivered 
through a partnership between the ATI, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and 
Innovate UK, addresses technology, capability, and supply chain challenges.


Curtiss-Wright Sensors Division is a leading supplier of linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) technology, 
which is widely used for engine-based position sensing. One of the most accurate and reliable transducer 
technologies in the market, LVDTs feature contactless sensing, low power consumption, predictable temperature 
performance and high sensitivity, making them the optimal solution for critical aerospace applications. 
Curtiss-Wright will combine advanced materials and design techniques to provide accurate and reliable novel 
LVDT solutions for the challenging environments presented by hydrogen propulsion engine systems for 

Through its participation in the FETCH project, Curtiss-Wright will further expand the core technical capability 
present in its Christchurch facility, positioning the UK as a leader in extreme temperature position sensing 
technologies for aerospace.


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