Potentiometers, Rotary (Conductive Plastic)

Curtiss-Wright, Sensors Division's conductive plastics rotary potentiometer provides unsurpassed precision and reliability with maximum space economy. Our developed conductive plastic track is a thin conducting film with a hard, wear resistant surface, which together with a multiple contact wiper configuration, ensures that our potentiometers offer virtually infinite resolution, long life and a low noise characteristic. These potentiometers maintain performance in severe environmental conditions. Particularly in the conditions of vibration, temperature and shock found in civil and military aircraft, and naval vessels.

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In addition to long life and the performance reliability features, our conductive plastics technology also provides inherent integrity in that should a small part of the track be damaged, the remaining track is still operative. Such damage is easily monitored and cannot cause catastrophic systems failure.

Multi-cup potentiometers can be supplied having tight voltage tracking error tolerances for use in monitoring multiplex systems.

Key features:

  • Conductive plastic tracks
  • Virtually infinite resolution
  • Synchro sizes 05 to 30
  • Linearity to ±0.02%
  • Low electrical noise
  • Exceptionally long life
  • Voltage and current taps
  • Sine/Cosine outputs
  • Non linear laws
  • Outstanding environmental characteristics
  • Heavy duty aerospace casings available
  • Sealing to IP66 and stainless steel bodies available


  • Missiles
  • Hydraulic reservoir content
Potentiometers, Rotary (Conductive Plastic)