Potentiometers, Rotary (Hybrid)

Combining the best features of wirewound, and conductive plastic tracks, into one precision potentiometer.

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The hybrid potentiometer track consists of a wirewound element with a bonded strip of high resistivity conductive plastics; it is this strip, which is wiped. The resulting track has virtually infinite resolution, strong linearity, stability and an exceptionally long life. Examples of rotary hybrid potentiometers have achieved over 10 million cycles with no deterioration in performance.

Key features:

  • Virtually infinite resolution
  • Synchro size 05 to 25
  • Stable and predictable temperature coefficient
  • Linearity to ±0.05%
  • Side and end terminal configuration
  • Low noise
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Long life

Note - Hybrid track potentiometers should be used only in potentiometer voltage dividing applications. In resistance modes Curtiss-Wright potentiometers with a wirewound resistive element should be used.


  • Nose wheel steering senors
Potentiometers, Rotary (Hybrid)