Resolvers (Inductive)

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Key Features Include:

Our products are typically developed from a custom set of requirements, however some key features include:

  • Qualification to RTCA D0-160
  • Up to four redundant channels
  • In-line or cluster configurations
  • High speed shaft sealing available
  • Gearhead allows absolute measurement over >300 input shaft revolutions
  • Accuracy's better than 0.25% full scale deflection
  • Lane to lane tracking better than 0.5% full scale deflection
  • > 200,000 MTBF (with gearhead)


  • High lift flight controls system position and asymmetry sensing
  • Fly-by-wire flight control systems
  • Environmental control system valve position
  • Health management
  • Fuel metering
  • Missile fin position
Resolvers (Inductive)