Solid State Rotary Sensor

Our contactless rotary position sensors offers a direct replacement for obsolete contacting wire wound technology. With the use of on-board electronics, the sensor outputs can interface directly with air data computers and flight recorders. Options include single or dual channel for built in redundancy.

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Pedigree based around our industrial product line, technology redesigned for EMC and environmental conditions.

Key Features Include:

Our products are typically developed from a custom set of requirements, however some key features include:

  • Programmable technology; Output DC, PWM, RS485
  • Programmable technology: Operating angle from 0-360°
  • Contact less technology
  • Electronics located in independent blind bore to target
  • Lockable EEPROM
  • Supply voltage: 5-35Vdc
  • Input current <30mA
  • Single channel: 3 Wire / 4 Wire (RS485)
  • Dual channel: 6 Wire / 8 Wire (RS485)
  • >200,000 FH


  • Flight control systems
  • Environmental Control System valve position
  • MIssile fin position
  • Door lock positon sensors
  • Hydraulic actuator position
Solid State Rotary Sensor