Solenoids for Ultra High Temperature

Operating temperatures over 680C

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Going FURTHER with High Ambient Temperature Solutions...

With increasing global demands for greater fuel efficiency in aircraft, the importance of weight reduction becomes elevated. Solenoid valves capable of operating at higher ambient temperatures allow for integration closer to the engine and thus allow for the elimination of high weight linkages, with additional cost advantages also achieved.

Key features:

  • Two stage, 3-way flow control, using high temperature bleed air from HPC stage 3 to stage 8
  • 1255°F capability reduces system weight and offers installation flexibility
  • Thermal management to protect electrical insulation of solenoid (+240 deg C capability for 20,000 hrs)
  • Optimised for high vibration environment (structural and functional) using patented technology
  • Innovative architecture to reduce impact loading on valve seats for high MTBF(>120K cycles)
  • Contamination tolerant with particulate up to 150 microns; upstream filtration not mandatory
  • In-house test capability simulating high temperature contaminated bleed air


  • Anti-Ice solenoid valve – controls anti-ice valve
  • Buffer air shut off valve – controls the active buffer air valve
  • Engine bleed valve
Solenoids for Ultra High Temperature